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Our Facilities

Meryma’at Barber College sits on 3500 square ft. and is ADA handicapped accessible. Meryma’at has a campus that provides a clean sanitary environment safe for all staff, students and daily public clients. The entire campus is state of the art equipped with LED lighting serving as the best lighting for students along with central air conditioning and heating system that purifies and circulates the air.  Meryma’at  Barber College Campus is under constant video surveillance for added security. 

Our faculty and staff

The teaching staff has all been approved by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board. Each staff member of Meryma’at Barber College are working to ensure graduation of each student and are providing the best barbering education and providing the best hands on training.                                                                            
CEO/Owner/ Instructor-Fouad Radwan (Omar)
Operations Manager - Deana Ibarra
Instructor- Michael Ivey

​Substitute instructor- Adrian Lamb 

About Us


Meryma'at Barber College Mission

The mission at Meryma’at Barber College is to teach and train our students to be successful professionals in the barbering industry by giving them the opportunity to learn the latest techniques of cutting and styling all hair types of all ethnicities for our clients. Meryma’at Barber College is a professional barber college dedicated to providing each of our students with the training, knowledge, and hands on experience necessary obtain a successful and fulfilling career as in today’s barber industry. This is achieved by providing a complete barbering course as approved by the Ohio Barber Board. Students are encouraged to exceed basic expectations through staff leadership and mentoring, personal attention, and precise technical demonstrations. 


Our Objective

To provide our students the training they will need in all services such as hair cutting techniques, traditional shaves, hair coloring, permanent waves,and the latest styles in hair. Students will receive the training they need to pass the Ohio State Barber Board. At Meryma’at Barber College our students will receive the proper education and practical knowledge to become a licensed barber and hair stylist. The education and customer services techniques received at Meryma’at Barber College will give our students the upper hand in having an excellent career barbering and running their own business.  At Meryma’at Barber College we offer a uniform barber program with the main focus of graduating quality barbers who possess the skills and information needed to provide a wide array of haircuts and shaves to suit the needs of today’s diverse customer styles and preferences . At Meryma’at Barber College we recognize the importance for a barber to be universal.. 

​Meryma'at Barber College offers students a chance to complete up to 60 hours a week! Our college hours make it easy to put in hours all day long!