About Us


Upon graduation from Meryma’at  Barber College each student will have the training in all services  needed by the clients in any Barbershop or hair styling salon. All  students will graduate

with the skill in all styling, receiving a well rounded education to accommodate all clients hair needs.​​ 

Enrollment Information

Student must be at least 17 years of age with valid identification such as a birth certificate and valid Drivers License.

Student must complete an enrollment application and be accepted by the Ohio State  Cosmetology and Barber Board.

Students must have a high school diploma or GED along with academic transcripts

Students from around the world must have an international certificate equivalent to a GED or Diploma.

If  you are a transfer student from another barber college, you must have  written permission from the Ohio State Cosmetology and  Barber Board and turn in a  certified hour transcript from previous college. It is the  responsibility of each student to provide their own transcripts. 


Meryma’at Special- Cut, eyebrows, line-up, shave            


Regular Haircut                                


Haircut/Shampoo Special                       


Hair Design                                                  

$5 & $7

Razor Shave                                            


Children’s Haircut (10 and under)                                 


Hair Line Up                                                                 $4.00          

Beard Wash                                                                   $2.00          

Regular Shampoo (short hair)                                $4.00

Regular Shampoo (long hair)                                  $6.00

Beard Trim & Razor Line up                                     $7.00

Clipper Beard Trim                                                     $4.00

Razor Line                                                                      $2.00

Facial                                                                             $8.00

Mustache Trim                                                                $2.00

Eye Brows                                                                      $4.00

Senior Citizen (Buckeye Card)                               $5.00